Arethusa Farm…

Artisanal products are all the rage these days. Newspapers, bloggers and magazines can’t discover them fast enough. I found the ultimate. Recently I came across an amazing small dairy farm. Saying it is artisanal hardly does it justice. With the amount of love, care and attention the cows are given, I know that every gallon of milk and pint of yogurt has to be subsidized by these owners. I am speaking of Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut.

I was fortunate to get an invitation to visit this exquisite property and discovered it is one of the leading dairy farms in the country. The proud proprietors are George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis (they also own Manolo Blahnik!). They are obsessed with their cows. You get the message from the moment you walk in the barn. Above the entrance it states, “Every cow in this barn is a lady, please treat her as such.” You cross the threshold and your sensual experience is the smell of sweet hay. Each cow is beautiful and has her own stall. In addition to these ladies grazing in pastures every day they also get a daily shower, individually customized supplemental feed, and round the clock babysitters. The barn is even air conditioned! It is not surprising to learn that the top cow, Veronica, a Jersey,  is a national “Supreme Champion” winner, multiple times over.

In addition to the milk production, Arethusa is now going to start bottling their own milk and making their own cheese in nearby Bantam, in the old firehouse on Route 202.

Take a ride to the country! The milk is ambrosial. The lowfat tastes creamy. It has flavor that screams “MILK”!  Thank you Tony and George, for putting your heart and soul where it pleases the palate.

To buy Arethusa milk and yogurt, you can shop at the local supermarkets in the Litchfield, CT. area.

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