The Secret Life of Lobsters

I read  The Secret Life of Lobsters a few years ago.  I raved about it to anyone who would listen. I even shared the book with my lobster fishermen/women friends in Nova Scotia.  They loved it. They found the facts eye popping.  Oldtimers said they learned lots they did not know.  Some of them had been fishing 60 years.

What kind of facts grabbed them?  How about reading that lobster eyes are highly evolved long mirrored tubes?  If an eye is lost, another grows back…as a foot!  One tagged lobster walked over 500 miles in a season across the peaks and valleys of the ocean floor.  But the most intriguing reading was about their sex lives!  It’s all about alpha males beating out beta males while the females sit on the sidelines and wait to go seduce the winners.  One poor male not only  lost all his limbs but also his little feet and finally had to drag himself around by his teeth.  Admittedly there is not a romantic moment in this book.

Jean-Geroges calls me the Lobster Mobster, so I was over the moon when I read that Trevor Corson, the author of The Secret Life of Lobsters was to give a lecture at The Lotos Club in NYC.  I invited a partial crew from The ICC to join me. The lure of a dinner with 2  1/2 pound lobsters served as my lobster pot (that’s the vernacular for a lobster trap).

Trevor’s family had a place in Maine where he grew up surrounded by lobster lore.  He graduated from Princeton, studied philosophy in China, resided in Buddhist temples in Japan (check out his other book, The Story of Sushi) and worked on commercial fishing boats off the Maine coast.  His gentle demeanor and erudition finally gave way when he turned to the video portion of the talk.  It was lobster porn.  Chefs Alain Sailhac and Andre Soltner have worked with lobsters all their lives but they had never seen anything like it.  As appropriate for lobsters, it got pretty steamy!  Read the book. You won’t be disappointed.

Author Trevor Corson

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