Fourchu Lobsters Have Arrived!

Rush right down to L’Ecole, the restaurant at The International Culinary Center in Soho, NYC now…or at least for the next ten weeks. It is Fourchu lobster season. If you haven’t heard of Fourchu lobsters, well, they come from my grandfather’s village in Nova Scotia. They are the sweetest, most nuanced lobsters in the world, and that’s not just my opinion, see Josh Ozersky’s article for Time, “Fourchu Lobster: The Little Crustacean That Could”.

Even though you can eat Nova Scotia lobsters all through the year, Canadians preserve their lobster beds by fishing only sections of their waters for ten weeks per year. Fourchu’s lobster time is now through the end of July. Why are these lobsters the best? Because of microclimate and the sea equivalent of terroir-”mare-oir”. These lobsters dine in the rocks on algae, shrimps and other proteins that it give them a succulent texture and delicate ocean flavor. Fourchu is located at the tip of Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island and so these lobsters live  in the coldest waters hundreds of miles out in the North Atlantic. North of Cape Breton the Gulf Stream  brings warmer waters to the north. However Fourchu is on the south side of Cape Breton and  misses the Stream entirely  and thus has colder waters (and more fog than any other place in Nova Scotia!). All of this adds up to lousy summers but sweet, delicious lobsters.


Lobster Cages in Fourchu

We are bringing down a truck load a week. The lobsters will be available for a $15 supplement to our prix fixe menu at L’Ecole. Call 212.219.3300 for reservations. We brought down enough of these crustaceans to share with a few friends, who will serve Fourchus at their restaurants for a limited time, including Dan Barber and Blue Hill,  Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Daniel Boulud and Daniel, Michael Anthony and Gramercy Tavern, Dan Kluger- ABC Kitchen, Ben Pollinger- Oceana, Cesare Casella and Salumeria Rosi Parmcotta, Paul Liebrandt- Corton, Floyd Cardoz and North End Grill, April Bloomfield- Spotted Pig and Josh Even- John Dory Oyster Bar.

Pass the word! Fourchus have arrived!

Chef Jason Potanovich and VP of Culinary Operations Chef Candy Argondizza celebrate the arrival of Fourchus!

Fourchu Lobster Press Dinner at L'Ecole

Lobster Roll served at L’Ecole for the Fourchu Lobster Press DinnerFourchu Lobster Press Dinner at L’Ecole