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I love winter…mainly for the food. And this year I have a new favorite. When I was in Italy last year, I wandered into a hardware store in Lucca.I found a glass fiasco. No, it was not a glass disaster. In Italian a fiasco is a decanter-like bottle made of glass. The old straw wrapped chianti bottles were called fiascos. But the one I bought was made for cooking beans.

Cooking beans in fire embers. The glass is tempered. I love it and when trying it out felt like a kid with a new toy.

So here’s what I do….at the end of the day after the fire in my fireplace dies down, I fill the fiasco with beans, water, bay leaves and rosemary. I nestle it in the hot embers and voila…the next morning I have lovely cooked beans with a slightly smoky taste.¬†Winter lunch perfection!

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