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If you haven’t heard, my old PBS show, Chef’s Story, is now a radio program. You can tune into Heritage Radio Network and listen every Wednesday at noon Eastern for an insightful, in depth conversation with today’s top chefs. The show is broadcast from the inimatable restaurant compound of Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Jacques Pepin, Roberta's, Brooklyn, NY

Jacques and Dorothy

The debut was last Wednesday with Jacques Pepin. You can download the interview from Heritage’s site and hear all about Jacques’ father in the French Resistance, his philosophy of techniques and all round fascinating conversation from a true Renaissance man.

One of the great benefits of being on the show is that my guest chef and myself get to eat Roberta’s fabulous pizza for a post- show lunch.  Since it was Jacques, the kitchen crew also sent out some pasta with a fabulous goat braised stew. He smacked his lips and said, “this is really good!”

Tune in Wednesday, May 16th, when I have Chef Dan Kluger from New York City’s ABC Kitchen as my guest.

I’m just loving it!

HRN's Founder Patrick Martins, Producer Jack Inslee, Jacques & Dorothy

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