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Almost always I would describe David Bouley as an “outside the box” thinker but now he has truly gone so far outside that he is inside the box! What am I talking about? Well, his new restaurant/studio location, Bouley¬†Botanical in TriBeCa once again breaks the mold on how you perceive the concept restaurant. It is a white rectangle room inside a giant garden box. The floor to ceiling windows are full of copper growing boxes!

Copper Growing Boxes

David is constantly challenging himself to think about food. He was the first chef in New York to put the provenance of ingredients on his menu. No one will forget his coining the phrase “day boat” cod, lobster, scallops. His home state of Connecticut and French grandparent’s gardens gave him a cornucopia of delicious, natural and fresh ingredients He spent many hours with the farmers and fishermen. He figured out how to get their products to New York City. Now he has gone one step further. He has brought the farm to NYC. He has built his kitchen to be a lab, and his basement a commissary. He also found Renee Giroux.

Renee Giroux, David Bouley, Bouley Botanical

Renee Giroux is the talented farmer of Gilbertie’s, a three-acre covered farm in Easton, Connecticut. Her thing is soil. Her soils are alive with all the beneficial insects, nematodes and other nutritious elements that make a delicious leaf. Her understanding is more than biodynamic, it is holistic and is pushing the envelope on natural growing techniques. She and David are creating a container farm lab at Botanical. The air itself in the space is a gift to your lungs. You sense the well being the minute you walk in.

David Bouley in the kitchen

When you think of growing vegetables or greens it is easy to think of soil elements and water. But have you thought of wind? The constant breezes in nature play their part in building the muscle of strong stems. Thus, while you dine at Botanical, at regular intervals a breeze comes out of nowhere! It brushes your cheek like a little pick me up. The various boxes surrounding you are doing their happy dance. Happy dance? Just think, if you have to give up your life to be an ingredient, wouldn’t you want it to be for the genius of David Bouley?

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Well we did again. We teamed up with New York Magazine for our 4th annual New York Culinary Experience! The Experience showcases the top chefs in New York with hands on classes for their adoring public. And the public is not limited to New Yorkers. We had participants from California, Austin and Florida. For many it was their 4th year in a row.

Michael Lomonaco

Anita Lo

Jacques Torres

Jean-Georges and some chiles!

Jacket for Two with David Bouley

Our dinner with Gilt City was outstanding and intriguing. Forget pairing food with wine, we paired Wylie DuFresne (cutting edge chef of WD-50) with Andre Solter (M.O.F., revered chef/owner of Lutece and a Dean of The International Culinary Center). It was not the new and old. It was better and best! Matt Tropeano of La Silhouette, NYC, prepared a scrumptious foie gras with crispy plaintains, and I ate the most delicious charlotte of my life, rhubarb no less- the bread crusts crisped with brown butter balanced by the acidity of the rhubarb was genius! And no wonder, it was the sweet ending prepared by Chef Emily Lucchetti who is also one of our Deans and the chef/proprietor of Farallon and Water Bar in San Francisco.
Don’t worry we will have our 5th Experience in spring 2013…keep watching our website and just know we will spend the rest of this year trying to make our next Experience even better!

L to R: Andre Soltner, Wylie Defresne, Gillian Duffy, Dorothy, Emily Luchetti, Matthew Tropeano, Scott Carney

Wylie Defresne and Matthew Tropeano

Gillian Duffy and Francois Payard

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