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Brooks Headley in a private room at Del Posto

I had a great interview with the James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year 2013, Del Posto’s Brooks Headley. In addition to a fascinating chat in one of their private rooms, Brooks took me on an almost fantasy tour of the kitchens at Del Posto. In a few words, they are huge, incredibly well equipped and run like a machine.

Part of the Del Posto kitchens

Ravioli Machine

I tried to glimpse the genius. The pure pistachio cookies took my breath away and the unripe strawberries had me scratching my head! To find out the recipe of the unripe strawberries you will have to listen to my interview with Brooks on Chef’s Story on Heritage Radio Network. His episode premieres on July 17th at Noon Eastern.┬áThe other secret…you can eat at this incredible restaurant for only $39 at lunch. Best deal in town. Savor these photos….

Pistachio dough and pistachio cookies

Unripe strawberries

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