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Dominique Ansel and a Cronut

Sometimes it pays to be the CEO of The International Culinary Center. Dominique Ansel brought me a cronut!!! He also brought me his favorite pastries, the DKA- Dominique’s Kouign Amann (pronounced koo-ween ah-mahn), tender, flaky, croissiant-like dough with a caramelized crunchy crust, and of course absolutely delicious, and available from Dominique Ansel Bakery.

The DKA- Dominique's Kouign Amann

I will point out that he only brought me one cronut but six Kouign Amann! You can hear more about Dominique Ansel, and his fascinating chef’s journey from a small town in France to his own eponymous bakery, by listening to his episode of Chef’s Story, on Heritage Radio Network.

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