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The most magical chef lives in a magical valley and creates magical food. His name is Erez Komarovsky. He lives in a valley in Israel snug up to the Lebanese border and works his fires so well you can believe he is the Sorcerer of Food. My good friends Doron and Marianne made sure that on my trip to Israel I was able to meet with this wondrous chef. His home is nestled on a hill. As you walk down the winding path there are whimsical sculptures, wild bushes and cultivated flowers. Jumbled beautifully just as though nature dictated it so.

As you come upon the house there is a wood burning stove right by the front door. The smells smack you in the face. A small vintage mobile oven owned by Erez’s grandmother sits proudly nearby (he still sometimes uses it).

And then you walk into the house with views that go for miles and smells that make you giddy. We were greeted with fabulous unlabeled, unreleased champagnes (they were actually made by Yarden). They were left on the lees and had such depth, fine bubbles and elegance. I felt I was drinking a grand cru! I was in heaven.

Then the parade of food came out. Erez is well known all over the world for being an excellent bread baker. His food is natural. And distinctive. It is Erez. His hummus is made from black beans, not chickpeas. His roasted radishes, blackened by the fire were jewels glistening with the freshest olive oil. With his hands he mushed lamb tartar…he also diced it and asked…which do you like better? Definitely, the mushed. He smiled and said, ‘of course.’

Sorry I can’t tell you where this Israeli Brigadoon is, but savor the photos! I really love what I do…..

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